Billboard Kids

Excitement is rising here as we approach the first screening of the CBBC film about the making of our children’s campaign. Publicity is in full flow including a blog on the Guardian website by Lucas.

It’s on BBC2 on Saturday 6th March at 11.30 am, and can be viewed on BBC iplayer for the week afterwards.

The film stars Harry, Lauren, Lucas and Max – and they were given a sneak preview and a tour of the BBC recently and came out buzzing! It promises to be a really powerful statement so try to watch it!

They all said how weird it was to see themselves on a big screen – I think that’s common – it can be a little disconcerting for most people – “do I really look like that?”

Film on the screen does not lie and the image you have to look at is, of course, a reverse image of the mirror image that we are all know and get used to thinking “that’s me”. For someone with a disfigurement, the mirror and the photo can be radically different…

I always liked the verse in Robert Burns’s famous poem written in 1786 called To a Louse – on seeing on a Lady’s Bonnet at Church”:

O wad some Power the giftie gie us

To see oursels as ithers see us!

It wad frae monie a blunder free us

An foolish notion:

What airs in dress an gait wad lea’es us,

An ev’n devotion!

That ‘Power’ is the photograph and the moving film – and yes, if you do look at yourself critically on film, you can learn lots about yourself – especially how you present yourself to the world. And you can change that too. I think ‘video therapy’ is very powerful and I certainly seek every opportunity to see myself and learn – not for vanity’s sake!

Watch that film!