James in the Media

Here are some of James’ previous interviews, articles and features

The Society Interview with Alison Benjamin

“Not only did he have to come to terms with his unrecognisable face, which he called *IT*, but he had to build a new resilient person able to tolerate the intrusions and assumptions that went with *IT*.”

Face Transplants

“Medical science has a huge part to play in making a better future for people whose faces look unusual for any reason.”

The post-Covid-19 landscape for people with disfigurements

“In my ideal of a fair post-covid society, we would all have a right to be seen, respected and accepted, and the current absurd “face-perfect” judgements of our global society would be consigned to the dustbin of history.”

How we met Caroline & James Partride

 “Carrie had always encouraged me to persevere with Changing Faces, and has never put anything in my way, even when it meant leaving her beloved Guernsey.”

Fears lockdown has exacerbated abuse

“Many of us have had to shield in various ways because of the conditions we have, but more than that I think there’s been this sense of forced isolation which reminds many of us of the fact many of us have been isolated for too long.”

Media Representation

“A charity that supports people with disfigurements could not let the article go unchallenged.”

FACE IT: An interview

” What if I could discover self-respect (which seemed highly unlikely), could I gain the respect of those around me which seemed denied to me because of my disfigurement?”

The Guardian – ‘Image conscience’

University of Bristol – Honorary Doctor of Science

Financial Times – ‘I fight to be looked at’

The Guardian – ‘Lord of the Rings must avoid face-ism’

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