Face transplantation 10 years on…

Hats off to Isabelle Dinoire! Ten years ago today, she signed the consent form to receive the world’s first face transplant – and I wished her well three days later when she appeared in front of a massive press conference – and I wish her well again today. She deserves the gratitude of people withContinue reading “Face transplantation 10 years on…”

Doing good

A great evening at the Oxford Union last week! So fascinating to be part of an ancient debating tradition that goes back to Gladstone who was President of the Union in 1830. I stood at the despatch box – opposing the motion – on the same boards as many giants of the political world andContinue reading “Doing good”

Events in Paris and London today

My heart and prayers go out to everyone in France who are trying to come to terms with last night’s ghastly events in Paris. We at Changing Faces are ready to do anything we can to help those injured and their families and we are with all people who stand for freedom and democracy. Today,Continue reading “Events in Paris and London today”

Better to spend more on looking good than doing good?

On Tuesday 10 November, I spoke in a debate at the Oxford Union, organised by the Oxfordshire Community Foundation. This is the text of my speech. The motion for debate: “This house believes that there is nothing wrong with spending more on looking good than doing good.” CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY Good evening, Mr President, LadiesContinue reading “Better to spend more on looking good than doing good?”