Elephant Man: A review

You have one week more to get to see Fourth Monkey’s superb production of Elephant Man at the atmospheric little theatre behind the Brockley Jack pub – and atmospheric is no exaggeration. From the moment the doors open and you search for a seat immersed by the fog of late Victorian London, you will beContinue reading “Elephant Man: A review”

How now, Powwownow?

It’s now more than a week since Changing Faces went public with our campaign against Powwownow’s ‘Avoid the Horror’ campaign which, in one specific advert, used images that were – for me and many of our supporters – just too close for comfort in depicting ‘zombies’ which actually resembled people with burns scarring wearing compressionContinue reading “How now, Powwownow?”

Why powwownow’s Zombie advert offends

Ten days ago I saw an advert on London’s transport network. Called ‘Avoid the Horror’, it featured a group of Zombies standing around a commuter on a packed tube train. Their faces display a variety of scars, bleeding mouths and exposed teeth, distorted by plastic masks. It was a disquieting moment because I came face-to-face withContinue reading “Why powwownow’s Zombie advert offends”