Face Your Fears Week

Why? Because everyday, people who have unusual-looking faces or bodies have to face their fear of meeting other people’s reactions knowing the effects these could have on their self-esteem and confidence… and those who meet them also have to face their fear of looking in the wrong way or saying the wrong thing knowing the effects their behaviours might have…

What? Face Your Fears Week is designed for everyone therefore – and we hope to raise awareness of the fear-facing challenges we all face and bring the day closer when the unease in such interactions will no longer exist – and face equality will be achieved.

How? You can take action this week in two main ways:

  1. By spreading the word about how to ease up these interactions – have a look at our top tips for doing so: https://www.changingfaces.org.uk/show/feature/ABOUT-US-how-to-react
  2. By facing a fear of yours and in the process, raising money for Changing Faces – and incidentally, you can commit to raising that this week and then doing so later! See: http://www.faceyourfears.org.uk/

AND, just to prove that I am doing something too…

Abseiling off the building in the City which houses Taylor Wessing, the law firm which has chosen Changing Faces as its Charity of the Year, is seriously challenging, dare I say SCARY!

Why am I doing it? For the reasons above but also in order to prove to myself that my abseiling skill haImages not completely left me! In the years before my accident in 1970, I was a very competent rock climber and abseiler and caver but have done none since… not least because these sports are not particularly recommended for a man with a sub-digital hand like me!

Please support me at www.justgiving.com/JAMES-ABSEILING

Thank you very much!