Mick Jagger’s hair is very long indeed!

Three tiny locImageks, that’s all it took to spark the most extra-ordinary bidding at Bonhams last week. Dealers and collectors from around the world to judge by the internet and phone interest at the sale. In less than three minutes, the price rocketed from a starter of £1,500 to a stunning £4,000.

All the proceeds of this and a notebook of Steve Marriott’s are coming to Changing Faces thanks to the huge generosity of Chrissie Shrimpton, Jagger’s his one-time girlfriend.

But that was just the start.

Over the last 10 days, the sale has been reported around the world. We have had a Google Alert tracking it and I reckon that the story – hair – has stretched around the planet several times!

Here’s a tiny sample:

Rolling Stone

Huffington Post

Fox News

And this has meant that the name Changing Faces has been read in millions of homes and on mountains of tablets – what is the collective term for tablets? Moses would like ‘mountain’!

Follow that!

I do not, sadly, have a ticket for the Stones in Hyde Park tomorrow – and much as I loved Sir Mick’s quip – “Anyone here who was here in 1969? Welcome back, it’s nice to see you again” – I cannot say I was. But, as a young 16 year old, I was certainly conscious of his hair. Little did I think it would come full circle…


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