More and more people with unusual faces in the public eye, please!

Wasn’t it great to see and hear John Sudworth, the BBC’s Shanghai Correspondent, Imageappearing with a unusual-looking face on the TV a few weeks ago? John has contracted Bell’s Palsy so his face has a slightly droopy look which he is understandably rather self-conscious about but which, he decided and his employer agreed, should not prevent him from doing his job… even on TV!

He tells me he has been inundated by support and applause from so many people with a similar condition – which sometimes doesn’t go away as an estimated 40,000 people in the UK can attest to. The BBC website has taken his ‘problem’ seriously and produced a really helpful resource – and Changing Faces has had a chance to publicise our guide to living confidently if you have a facial paralysis.

Listeners and viewers have added their stories and so the whole issue has been brought out of the shadows – John Sudworth, take a bow!

Telling your story can be such a powerful way of passing on your experience and helping others – and challenging the way the wider world sees you. We have recently worked with Web of Stories to enable people to tell their stories online. It only takes 5 minutes to submit your story, visit the Changing Face Channel on Web of Stories to find out more. And if you’d like to see and hear of another person whose lived most of the life with a facial paralysis, you can watch Lisa Woolley here.


One thought on “More and more people with unusual faces in the public eye, please!

  1. I am bracing myself. If my book puts me more in the public eye (which is actually part of the goal) I know I will open myself up for criticism and ridicule from ignorant and cruel people. Heck, “normal” looking people with something to say still have to deal with haters. People hide behind anonymity. Those of us with different faces…we go out in public and we don’t have it anymore.

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