One small step…

I can certainly remember exactly where I was when Neil Armstrong took that first step on to the Moon’s surface in late July 1969.

Somewhat easier but only slightly less significant in my life, I can also recall where I was in late July 2012 when I heard that the first Changing Faces Practitioner had been appointed to work in the paediatric plastic surgery department at Edinburgh’s Royal Hospital for Sick Children.

After a month’s induction, Orla Duncan who has had an impressive nursing career, is now in post and offering a unique mix of emotional support, practical advice and social skills training to the children referred to the hospital with congenital or other conditions and their parents and families.

Crucially, it’s a post strongly supported by the clinical psychology team so demonstrating for the first time how this new role can fill the long-recognised gap in the support available between that of the medical and nursing staff and the specialist psychology services.

Changing Faces wants to sincerely thank the Sick Kids Friends Foundation for funding this post for the first year – and we hope it will become part of the routine care pathway in that hospital and in many others in the years to come.

As this short news clip makes clear, the post is all about building the confidence of children and parents alike to face their future uninhibited by having scars, asymmetry or other unusual features. Here’s one of the best explanations:

If you’d like to know more about how you can have or train as a Changing Faces Practitioner, please contact me…