If this was just the warm up…

29 gold medals, 17 silver and 19 bronze!  What an incredible tally!  And what a testament to the determination and resilience of everyone who aspires to Olympic glory!  The sort of resilience and determination needed by many people living a disfigurement when they face the slings and arrows of others’ unkind reactions to their appearance, or when they are just trying to carry on…

One such is gold medal winning Olympian is Joanna Rowsell, who has lived with alopecia since childhood.   In her interview with BBC News she said: “I wasn’t really confident on going out and doing the usual teenage things. I didn’t have much confidence in my appearance and I became very, very focused on my studies. But when cycling came along that was another thing for me to focus on and suddenly it didn’t matter what I looked like, it was about how I performed on the bike and that’s what I was judged on. That was great.”  You can read the full interview here.

And maybe what we have learned from these past two unbelievably inspiring weeks, is that most of us can triumph in our own way – whether that’s rewarded with a medal or not!…

Bring on the Paralympics.

Remember, if you live with alopecia and are finding it difficult to cope, you can speak to a Changing Faces Practitioner about building your confidence – 0300 0120 275.

One thought on “If this was just the warm up…

  1. Dear James

    I would like to get in contact with you and email you. I know one or two people at Changing Faces both in London and in Surrey and have been on the training day. I would like to email you further and found this forum, but perhaps you would be kind enough to get in touch.

    Kind regards

    Melanie Taylor

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