Humility in the Olympian foothills…

Last Saturday morning, I travelled across London with hundreds of others to the Olympic Park but, unlike them, I stepped off the main pilgrim’s trail to enter into a small BBC studio. There I met Sian Williams and the Rev Richard Coles and their other studio guest, Gerald Seymour, and we then broadcast Saturday Live on Radio 4.

There have been so many delightful messages since and I am trying to respond to them all.

The whole thing, from the moment of arrival in the studio, has been so humbling – and I think that is my overall feeling about the Olympics as a keen but very far from Olympic sportsman and as an observer of the human race.

At the end of the programme, we were (rather suddenly) asked what we hoped would be sustained after the Games and I said that, as a charity director in today’s very difficult economic climate (yes, that’s the other reality), that “the collective altruism” so evident would live long… One friend has written to say she liked that term but I rather liked her extension of it: “mutual enjoyment, genuine cheer and intended helpfulness”.

Long may it last!

Here’s the link to the show: and click here for the proof.

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