It can happen…

Good news comes in threes:

A team of four supporters of Changing Faces came to show us the slides of their Iron Man efforts – on a chilly day in early May – what heroes – and one of them swum without a hat and breast-stroke! They raised over £3,500 – see what they had to endure on our fund-raising pages. You could make it happen too!

I visited Banstead Place, the neuro-rehab centre for young people with severe brain damage run by the Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People – and met one of their clients who spoke with such power of his recovery over the last 18 months – he’s off to London next month to take up an independent life – it can happen…

One of our very first clients who has a severe facial disfigurement from a rare birth condition from the early ‘90s was back in touch – now a married man with a young son, he sounded so strong and empowered… It can happen…

Lastly, a question triggered by Jon Snow’s comments about the tabloids’ coverage of the election in his Westminster Media Forum lecture on 20.5.10. It is always good to read Jon because he is engaged on many matters not least in the ‘voluntary sector’ where I think he got his first job…

He’s quoted as saying that he believed Brown’s chances of re-election had been hampered by his appearance and disability: “The camera is very, very bad at handling people with one eye — that’s not an unkind thing to say, it’s an honest thing to say,” he said. The camera either loves you or it doesn’t and it has never loved Gordon Brown. It never managed to come to terms with the way Gordon Brown looked,” Snow added. “I think there’s a real danger the way you look is becoming a pretty important element of politics — which is a great pity.”

So, my question: who’s up for the next election to prove Jon wrong?!! It could happen…

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